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Virtual Offices For Lease|
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Advantages of Virtual Offices at a glance…..

Immediate availability • Easy short or long term lease options • No capital expenditure
Global inventory • Admin/Secretarial/ReceptionSupport • Extra pay-as-you-go services • Have a professional business address & services anywhere in the world regardless of where you live!

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Virtual Offices are the most cost effective and risk free option available when it comes to Office Space For Lease. Here’s how it works: When you lease a virtual office space, you get a professional business address and phone number without actually occupying and paying for physical office space, which in turn reduces your costs and overhead dramatically. You don’t even have to live in the same city or even the same country as your Virtual Office Space! For example: you might live in Boise Idaho, Chattanooga Tennessee, or even Sydney Australia, but have Virtual Office Space including a local professional business address & phone number located in Beverly Hills California, Washington DC, or New York City! Of course you can rent a VO right down the street from your home also, and that’s the beauty of Virtual Office Space – you have flexible options that you can tailor to fit your exact needs, budget and business goals. Experienced admin & secretarial staff will manage all your mail formalities i.e. forwarding and receiving mail, as well as handle incoming calls, faxes and voicemail services in order keep you looking professional and your business running smoothly, thus keeping your current clients happy along with attracting new ones.

Virtual offices are the most cost effective and risk free option available when it comes to Office Space For Lease.

With virtual office space solutions, any business can succeed irrespective of their size, industry or requirements.
Start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs are ideally suited to Virtual Offices For Lease thanks to the lower overheads and rates, but VO’s are also becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes and nature looking to expand their global reach and brand into new territories, developing their presence in that new market without the expense of leasing traditional office space or executive suites. This is also a great way to put your toe in the water so-to-speak and conduct initial testing in a new marketplace before commencing a larger scale commitment.

Other advantages to leasing Virtual Offices include hot-desking arrangements, shared offices, and meeting/conference rooms, which are available in most business centers for those instances when your actual physical presence and a handshake are required. Additional services are provided on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, keeping your costs to a minimum and ensuring you only pay for exactly what you need at any given time and at any given location around the world.

Bottom line: Virtual Offices are a great option for any company looking for a professional and affordable office space solution in any market. As your business grows you can add services as needed and even upgrade to shared offices or executive suites…and then lease new virtual office space somewhere else expanding your global portfolio and brand!

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Virtual Offices - Services & Amenities

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  • No setup fees or capital expenditure
  • Low overheads
  • Customer credibility
  • Flexible lease terms and rates
  • High-status business address
  • Operate globally
  • Association with local markets
  • Professional reception support
  • Personalized call answering/voicemail
  • Mail collection/forwarding
  • Dedicated phone/fax number
  • Extra “pay-as-you-go” services
  • Meeting Room & Office Access
  • And so much more…….
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Other Services & Office Solutions

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