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Who is Southern Office Space?

Southern Office Space is a 100% FREE and NO OBLIGATION SERVICE designed to help you find cost effective and affordable Office Space Solutions. No matter what your business size or price point – whether its a small start up home based business, or a large multinational corporation – we have convenient Office Space options available in many global markets. In fact, our Extensive Office Space Portfolio covers over 110 countries, and includes all established, emerging and gateway markets.
Along with providing flexible Office Space options for lease such as Executive Suites, Virtual Offices, Serviced Offices, Managed Offices, Shared Spaces, Hot Desking, Meeting/Conference Room Packages, we also help you every step of the way from selecting the right size office space for your current needs, to negotiating your contract and lease agreement. We can also happily help you with advertising your existing Office Space For Lease! Please visit our Services page and see our other FAQs for more information.

What Services does Southern Office Space provide?

No matter what size, configuration or location you and your business require, Southern Office Space has a solution for you! We currently have over 8,000 properties and business centers in our available network portfolio, and local professionals ensure that our inventory is always updated and current.
At Southern Office Space, our specialty is the ability to help provide you with information and options for the most Cost effective, Affordable and Appropriate Office Space Solutions, no matter what size, configuration or location is required. Our goal is to help and support you as your business continues to grow and evolve. We can offer everything from a single desk on a short term (as little as a month) arrangement, all the way to an entire multi-floor business center up to a 99 year lease!

Popular options include:

To better help you find the right option, please refer to our Services page, and as always please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US at anytime!

How do I search for space?

You can search for property on Southern Office Space in a variety of ways:

  • Enter a desired City or State location into the Custom Search Bar and make selections from there.
  • Use our Interactive Advanced Search Feature
  • No time to search? No problem! Simply fill out the Enquiry Form and we will do the searching for you.
  • Call Us at (888)883-4922

After you have chosen one of the above steps, we will send you a detailed FREE Report of the available listings that meet your requirements and help schedule viewings. You will be moved in and working before you know it!

Why use Southern Office Space?

Simple: Southern Office Space can help provide you with absolutely FREE and Impartial advice no matter where you are looking or what kind of service you are searching for. We have partnered with some of the best and most reputable brokers, business centers, property managers and other industry leading professionals to ensure that we can bring you the most up-to-date listings and current information available.

How much do your services cost?

Nothing. Free. Zilch. Zero! You will never pay us a dime for absolutely complete, impartial and up-to-date help that starts from the moment you contact us to the moment you move in. We are paid by the owners, operators, landlords and property managers when we find them their tenants.

So simply call us today (888)883-4922 or fill in our quick enquiry form and let us help you find the perfect location. Remember, there is never any Fee or Obligation! What do you have to lose?!

How can I get more information and a quote on a property I’m in interested in?

Many of the listings you will find on www.SouthernOfficeSpace.com have a price included, but if they don’t, or you are interested in a location that we don’t currently have listed, then just Contact Us either by filling out the Enquiry Form or by calling us at (888)883-4922. We are always happy to help

I found a property I like on the site – now what?

Once you have selected a location – or locations – that you are interested in, simply fill out the inquiry form on the page or call us directly at (888)883-4922. A registered account will then be created for you and a dedicated consultant will be helping you every step of the way. You will receive a FREE Report with detailed information on the locations you have requested and either organize a viewing to see the space in person, or in the case of Virtual Office Space, sign up on the spot and get started immediately!

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today if you have further questions.   Call (888) 883-4922

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